Inspiration from the market of opportunities
After rain comes clearing and sun - and the world looks brighter again!

2020/21 has been extreme in so many ways and for many people, perhaps the most threatening event of their lives. Regardless, the corona epidemic has created the basis for significant changes to our priorities and the way we will organize and live our lives going forward.

In this webinar, we will, in the first part (in Danish), take a closer look at the aftermath of the pandemic and some of the trends that will affect us in the coming years. We have a special focus on the changes associated with our behavior as consumers and our working lives.

In the second part(In English), we present one of the many concepts where we work with recruiting committed people and who want to be independent - Mail Boxes Etc.

They have experienced changes and new priorities, both with their franchisees and their customers, and have noticed an increasing demand for their service: from logistics to e-commerce, from shipping and packaging to printing and marketing solutions, as well as business services.

This way you can hear more about how you can become part of a successful company in a dynamic and strong sector in an internationally established network - Mail Boxes Etc.