Italy’s FPI representative creates franchise powerhouse AFFILYA

Andrea Meschia of FPI Italy joins forces with two Italian franchise experts, Nicola Dambelli e Luca Fumagalli, and two real estate specialists, Maurizio Altobelli and Gianluca D'angelo under the newly established consulting brand AFFILYA.

 In the world of Italian franchising has been growing for years a forest of unreliable pseudo-franchisors, who promise what they cannot keep or are not in line with legal requirements and industry standards.

Those who are interested in investing in a business on their own risk to get lost and end up victims of unscrupulous brokers or sellers.

AFFILYA was founded to create a controlled and safe environment where you can find serious franchise opportunities and up to the best international standards.

To do this, it has been built a network of professionals of the highest level, with over 150 years of experience in the field of franchising and retail, able to accompany in a structured way the potential investor (franchisee, multi-unit franchisee, area developer, master franchisee, ...) in the evaluation process, ensuring maximum transparency and support in all phases of preliminary information and matching.

One of the most innovative and distinctive aspects of the initiative is the internal certification process that each company undergoes before being proposed in the Affilya Franchise Community.

Thanks to the use of a methodological approach developed in years of activity, that consider as many as 150 elements of a checklist covering the 16 key areas of a franchise system, each brand is

analyzed in advance by AFFILYA's consultants. They evaluate not only the presence of the basic requirements (correct and exhaustive documentation and presentation material, contractual arrangements in accordance with the Italian franchise law 129/2004, presence of a Franchise Manager as a qualified interlocutor in the company, significant network of direct units/franchise with stable and proven economic results, track record of openings/closings in line with the benchmarks of the sector, ...) but also the sustainability of the whole franchise system in the italian market.

Affilya believes in franchising "done right". For this reason it operates with the utmost commitment in building relationships that last over time and create value for all: franchisors, franchisees and final consumers.

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