Workshop exclusively for owners and managers in the hotel and restaurant industry in Copenhagen

Hoel Villa Copenhagen • Tietgensgade 35-39, 1704 København • 13.12.2021 kl. 09:30 - 17:00

The purpose of the "Back to Better" day is to give you a unique opportunity to lift your business back to the level before the corona and become better equipped for future success.

You will meet some of the industry's sharpest brains for this full-day workshop, where the common thread throughout the day will be time for reflection and time to work on your own challenges - hence the name 'workshop'.

Relevant - concrete - practical - usable

Today's focus will be on sharing real knowledge that you can apply in your own business right away; we know you do not need 'high-flying inspiration', and that also means you can ask questions along the way - both to speakers and to today's panel. And to the sidekick, so you can create new relationships, which you possibly. can contact for relevant and useful sparring the next time you encounter a challenge. Or get a good idea!

In one of the break-out sessions Tom Skovbon from FranchiseHub have fokus on "Franchise - An effective tool for growth and development"